About Dan

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2016-02-14_23-40-26 Favorite Brewer = Southern Tier, Lakewood NY
2016-02-15_00-09-45 Favorite Search Nerd = Avinash Kaushik 

I’m Dan Barrett from AdWords Nerds and Two Friendly Nerds where I  help small businesses grow their revenues online and get results in competitive industries.

How I Do it

By focusing on how people can use the internet to make more money for their business and get more time for themselves – not on traffic, or rankings, or anything else. I’ll analyze your business, find the areas that need to be improved, and come up with a game plan to boost revenue. Because it’s fun!

Totally, dorkily, fun.

I really, truly believe that our businesses need to be fun – and leave us enough time to pursue the other things in life that we love. I’ve managed to build a business that not only lets me work with clients I love, but that allows me to pursue my other passions in life – playing music, running a record label, eating awesome food, and spending time with family and friends. Growing your business online is absolutely the best way to accomplish this for yourself – the best way to build a business that gets you the income you want, but doesn’t run you into the ground and stress you out. 

About Me:


I also run a small record label, perform in the bands HAVE A NICE LIFE, Giles Corey, Nahvalr, and Black Wing. I have master’s degrees in History and Education. I believe in empowering a creative and industrious army of amateurs, weirdos, and nerds to change the world we live in. That sounds pretentious, but I mean it. 

If you’d like to know what I’m working on now, the best way is to check out my personal blog.

And also…

  • I’m a Dad to a one rad son (and one on the way)
  • I have a sweet collection of comic books
  • I love Brewing home-made iced coffee and tea
  • Obsessing about productivity and self-improvement


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